Hi There! As you already know, we have infiltrated your networks, researched them, and found critical vulnerabilities which enabled us to access and exfiltrate your inner documentation and encrypt your file servers, SQL servers, Backup servers, subdomains, and local networks. Due to poor security of your networks, we have downloaded your critical information with a total volume of more than 226.3 GB. This information includes personal data of your customers, employees, and vendors, as well as your legal, financial HR, IT, audit, and compliance directories (among other files). We obtained personal documents, phone numbers, contact information, consolidated financial statements, payroll, and banking statements. Fortunately, we here to prevent any further damages! First, we can provide you with IT support by offering a decryption tool, as well as a security report that will address the initial issues with your network security that resulted in this situation. Secondly, we offer you damage prevention services. At this point, all off your files are about to get public on our blog and will be available for anyone, including darknet criminals who are eager to abuse your information fortheir own evil purposes like social engineering attacks against your customers and vendors, spamming, and other bad actions. Your customers, vendors, employees, and investors (lists are available from you inner documentation) will also be notified by us about the breach. This way then can know what to do, since their private data is getting public. It goes with out saying that this privacy violation will lead to long-term legal, regulatory, financial, and reputational damages, including lost contracts and class action lawsuits from those whose info was exposed. The price for all of our services is $2000000.00 USD. This way, all the above mentioned risks will be prevented! We only support Bitcoin and Monero to pay service fees! Please let me know if you have further questions! Add our TOX.