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  Caliber CLAPS
      Caliber CLAPS, Controlled Label Printing System is an end-to-end solution for label printing in a regulated environment. Label Printing Management provides for various activities involved with automatic label printing accountability. Caliber CLAPS provides freedom of designing labels of your choice through an innovative label designer tool.

      Just register a Label Name (Format) with the required field names and environmental settings, Label Data Entry, Schedule Print and Print the labels on any suitable printer. The module also provides for changes to the Data, re-print orders, audit trails and reports in a user-defined format and details, and also facilitates Label Stock Reconciliation.

      Labels can be designed and authorized to be used by a group, thereby controlling the print and use of labels. This gives a clear responsibility to the labeling jobs which is an important activity as per quality systems.
   n-tier Architecture and web technology

   Seamless integration with SAP and Oracle ERP

   Instrument Connectivity

   Committed and trustworthy support

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