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      Caliber offers SaaS ( Software as a service) for its product CaliberLIMS®. Caliber offers this 'service on demand' either through a time subscription or a 'pay-as-you-go' model. Caliber facilitates customers with an option to use Caliber owned and maintained server space and network to run CaliberLIMS® for the customer. It also provides a 'round the clock' up and running network service to facilitate un-interrupted access to the customer. With this service, customers can save on hardware costs, software licensing costs, network charges and maintenance. The customers benefit due to reduction in 'total cost of ownership'. They also benefit by developing better familiarity with the product thus enabling a more informed buying decision for the solution. Caliber delivers a great value addition by engaging closely with the customers, understanding their requirements and thereby delivering products and services that are closer to customer needs and uniformly up-to-date across the entire customer base.

Independent validation services

      Caliber offers independent validation services to give customers an assurance that their applications have near-zero defects and can function with minimal disruptions. Caliber uses rigorous validation methodologies to deliver high quality application for your business. Every transaction is tested optimally from all angles in order to ensure that the business runs smoothly without slowing down processes. This optimizes the business outcome and minimizes time-losses due to disruptions resulting from the application.

ERP Validation services

      ERP packages involve changes to existing business processes and current applications. Some packages also interface with third party applications including with our CaliberLIMS®. Since these packages impact a large number of business processes, quality assurance and validation become crucial to successful implementation of the ERP. Caliber's ERP validation services cover the entire life cycle of ERP program including interface with applications like CaliberLIMS® through testing professionals with rich experience in regulated industry applications.

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