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CaliberLIMS® deployed at multiple locations of Dr. Reddy's

      Dr. Reddy's has nearly two decades of experience in creating safe pharmaceutical solutions. It has 6 bulk actives manufacturing facilities, which are cGMP approved & USFDA inspected. It has set up a research subsidiary, Reddy US Therapeutics Inc., in Atlanta, USA.

      Dr. Reddy's covers the entire pharmaceutical value chain - API and Intermediates, Finished Dosages (Branded and Generic) and NCE Research. It offers about 100 bulk actives and several key intermediates. It exports API, branded formulations and generic formulations to over 60 countries. It is the first Indian company to out-license an NCE molecule for clinical trials.

      Several of Dr. Reddy's brands have become household names in India and near-regulated countries too. Its generic formulations have also become very popular in quality-conscious regulated markets such as the US and Europe.

      Dr. Reddy's has deployed CaliberLIMS®, (fully integrated with SAP version R/3 4.6) in different units including Branded Formulations, Analytical Development and QC Laboratories.

      CaliberLIMS®' usefulness and user-friendliness are vindicated by the repeat orders it received / receives from Dr. Reddy's for multiple locations and additional user licences. More deployments of CaliberLIMS® are expected soon.


Aurobindo deploys CaliberLIMS® and Caliber CLAPS
      Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. is an integrated healthcare company with major thrust in APIs for both regulated and other global markets and significant presence in custom synthesis and specialty generic formulations. It is one of the world's top 5 manufacturers of semi synthetic penicillins. It has Asia's largest sterile API facility.

      Aurobindo has 6 manufacturing plants conforming to GMP / ISO regulations and an extremely well equipped R&D facility. Two of its units have obtained US FDA approval. It has also been certified by South African MCC and UK MCA.

      Aurobindo has a versatile product mix including antibiotics, antivirals, antidepressants, antifungals, cardiovasculars, macrolides etc. and exports to over 70 countries.

      Aurobindo has opted for CaliberLIMS® at their FDA approved Formulations site at Formulations Unit III.


Dabur Pharma Limited Chooses CaliberLIMS®

      Dabur Pharma Limited is the leading Indian company for cancer research and anticancer products. The company also markets a range of products in the cardiovascular, antibacterial, antidiabetic & digestive segments. Dabur Pharma Limited, a public limited company incorporated in March 2003, is an associate company of Dabur India Limited, a US $ 250 million healthcare company founded in 1884. Dabur Pharma Limited operates in Europe and in some other markets through its fully owned subsidiary - Dabur Oncology Plc. The Dabur group of companies have a legacy of trust and excellence in the healthcare business.


IPCA Chooses CaliberLIMS®

      Ipca is a fully integrated, rapidly growing Indian pharmaceutical company. Ipca's APIs and Formulations produced at world class manufacturing facilities are approved by leading drug regulatory authorities including the US-Food and Drug Administration (FDA), UK-Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Australia-Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) etc. IPCA has operations in over 100 countries. Forbes, a leading US business magazine, selected Ipca in 2003 among its top 200 successful, rising companies outside USA, with sales under USD 1 Billion. Ipca is one of the largest suppliers of these APIs like Atenolol, Chloroquine Phosphate, Furosemide etc. and their intermediates world over.


Unichem Chooses CaliberLIMS®

      UNICHEM, an ISO 9001.2000 certified company, addresses relevant and growing therapeutic areas like gastro-intestinal, cardiovasculars, diabetes, psychiatry, neurology, anti-bacterials, anti-infectives and pain management, among others. Unichem brings to the customer a blend of modern-day research and nearly six decades of rich experience in the Indian pharmaceuticals industry. Unichem is headquartered in Mumbai with four manufacturing locations in Roha (Maharashtra), Goa, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh). The Company's facilities enjoy credible certifications from agencies like UK MHRA (earlier MCA), MCC (South Africa), WHO (Geneva) and TGA (Australia).


Panacea Opts For Caliber Stability
      Panacea Biotec manufactures and markets vaccines, branded formulations and biotechnology-based products of international quality. The manufacturing plant of Oral Polio Vaccines (OPV) in the capital of India, New Delhi has been awarded the prestigious WHO-GMP certification. Panacea Biotec enjoys high rankings in surveys conducted by ORG and CMARC, which are leading independent market research companies of India.

      It is equipped with latest and most modern machinery, equipments and infrastructure to roll out products as per company's stringent Quality Policy.

      With a special focus on biotechnology, Panacea Biotec has been making concerted efforts to improve the repertoire of its vaccines. A host of new vaccines employing genetic engineering and recombinant technology are being developed. Its vaccine and formulation plants are approved under WHO-GMP certification.

      Panacea Biotec has its own Research & Development Center, equipped with state of art infrastructure and modern facilities.

      After critical, feature-by-feature evaluation the quality conscious Panacea has opted for Caliber Stability for its Stability Studies.


NATCO Chooses CaliberLIMS®

      NATCO Pharma Limited is an Indian enterprise molded by global aspirations. NATCO has the credit of having pioneered Time Release Technology in India. NATCO PHARMA was ranked 82nd in sales among Indian Pharmaceutical companies in 1994. NATCO also has the credit of being one of the largest contract manufacturers in India. Some of the well-known companies like Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, John Wyeth etc.get their products manufactured by NATCO..


Mega Lifesciences Ltd. Thailand Chooses CaliberLIMS®
      Mega Lifesciences Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company located in Thailand, was incorporated in 1983 for manufacturing Soft Gelatin Capsules, and over the years, has evolved to become a leader in South East Asia for innovation and development in this field. Mega Lifesciences Ltd., has a number of brands, which are formulated and produced using herbal extracts and raw materials sourced from the well-accredited leading international suppliers around the world.

      The quality conscious Mega Lifesciences Ltd., now ranks among the world-class producers of pharmaceuticals, made in a modern GMP approved plant. Its manufacturing facility has received accreditations from a number of Health Authorities, which includes 'Germany', 'Australia' and 'Thailand'.

      Mega Lifesciences Ltd., also offers customized services like designing the product, providing regulatory assistance, developing product as per indentor's specifications and ideas and providing knowledge and ideas for marketing & promotional tools.

      In its pursuit of quality practices, Mega Lifesciences Ltd., has made an evaluation among some popular LIMS brands and has judiciously chosen CaliberLIMS® to aid its facilities.

      CaliberLIMS® Internet technology is gainfully exploited to unify the QC/QA processes at Mega Lifesciences Ltd.,'s manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Australia.

      CaliberLIMS® and its useful and user-friendly features are thus vindicated.

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