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  Quality Assurance Management System

Quality Assurance Management System


Quality Assurance departments worldwide grapple everyday with quality assurance practices, such as preparation, maintenance, definition, classification and change Control of Quality and Master file documentation necessary for products; The QA department constantly tries to maintain the balance between the two pulls of changing business requirements and ever increasing processes compliance. If a QA Department is not able to respond quickly with the expected processes or procedures to meet growing business demands, it may lead to increased market complaints/ process deviations/ quality defects etc. which would result in serious business issues. OR in other words, if the change, deviations and complaints are not handled systematically, it will lead to serious quality issues and even more serious business impending issues.

   n-tier Architecture and web technology

   Seamless integration with SAP and Oracle ERP

   Instrument Connectivity

   Committed and trustworthy support
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