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     Sample Management is the core of CaliberLIMS® around which other associated & vital to Lab operations modules are built. These modules, while being able to operate independently, are generally integrated with each other in order to produce synergy in Lab operations. Short of a full-fledged ERP, a combination of these modules covers the entire lab operations.
     The modules with their independent nature can be configured and validated in a stacked manner, allowing the clients a choice in identifying their specific needs and customizing their Lab environment according to requirements, size and affordability.


CaliberLIMS® gels with any lab environment wi/bth its ‘easy-to-configure-and-customize’ modules. During the implementation phase, the existing Lab parameters can be configured within a short period. The parameters can also be customized according to the Lab environment, Rules of the Land and ease of use.

     Web Based:

Caliber believes that the use of the modern technologies and software languages available both today and in the future will revolutionize the working practices within the laboratory and increase the ROI. Through our research team we continually explore and assess new technologies thereby advancing the capabilities of all our products on all platforms.

The Web Based Technology also allows the authorized users to access the system from a remote location other than the actual place of work. This gives the flexibility to the top executives to access the results of tests and trials conducted.


With the growing needs of the organization as it progresses, the need arises to scale up the organizational resources. CaliberLIMS® accommodates more inputs and authorized users according to the organizational needs.

This flexibility to enhance capacity gives CaliberLIMS® the unique advantage of upgrading the number of parameters and users as and when required.
   n-tier Architecture and web technology

   Seamless integration with SAP and Oracle ERP

   Instrument Connectivity

   Committed and trustworthy support
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