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  The Pharma LIMS Solutions
     Caliber LIMS' is a browser based LIMS whose comprehensive functionality addresses all the laboratory needs making it an ideal Pharma LIMS solution for complete quality control automation.

      The benefits and savings accruable from deployment of CaliberLIMS include the following:

High Speed analytics:

Configurable home page dashboards for quick review of the workload, sample distribution and status, and also management information.

Automatic adherence to Quality:

Quality control automation using CaliberLIMS brings in a visible change in the perception of the lab team on quality systems. Adhering to quality systems is no longer a burden since it happens on its own.

Data Authentication:

Change Tracking, Audit Trails, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. CaliberLIMS maintains all the data authentic, secure and tamperproof.

21 CFR part 11 compliance:

All the safeguards needed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are built into CaliberLIMS. You do not need to do anything special to conform to the norms, simply use CaliberLIMS. It takes care of the rest.

Trend analysis:

Trend analysis on several factors like test results of a particular product, performance of any analyst, turnaround time for sample testing, cost analysis for the testing, when done manually, could take hours and days. With CaliberLIMS it is just a click away and takes less than 10 seconds.

Lab productivity:

with the reduction in the time, burden and tension on the analyst, the analyst’s efficiency will be greatly increased. With CaliberLIMS, the analyst’s efficiency, or the lack of it, actions and output can be monitored more closely and automatically. Supervision will be more effective. This will result in enormous increase in productivity and profitability of the laboratory.

Configurable task Center:

Configurable alerts help in auto notification of current and upcoming tasks, improves planning and execution without last minute surprises.

Error Free lab operations: Elimination or drastic reduction in human errors in record keeping, calculations and transcriptions. No human inertia, no fatigue, no tendency to procrastinate.

Change Control:

Change control is a process that has to go through several channels before a change comes into effect. Replacement of manual system saves a considerable amount of time.

MIS Reports:

With CaliberLIMS, practically any kind of MIS reports can be generated from the database within seconds. Cost Reports, Trend Analyses, Statistical Data, etc. are possible with speed and accuracy.


Budgeting and staying within the budget is a tight ropewalk. Unless costs are kept track of, it is humanly impossible to remain within the budget. In CaliberLIMS, a monthly report or, for a specified period, is again a just click away and takes less than 10 seconds.


Since CaliberLIMS enables authentic and secure electronic records, the lab work would be largely paperless. This results in decreased needs and probable hazards of storage, and also prevents the possibility of losing paper documents and records.CaliberLIMS has no client installation, hence requires least maintenance and the User is free to use any system in the Network.
   n-tier Architecture and web technology

   Seamless integration with SAP and Oracle ERP

   Instrument Connectivity

   Committed and trustworthy support
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